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Uniform random number generator (RNG)

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    I am writing a program in Fortran language, in which i use a Random Number Generator (RNG) subroutine.
    Until now i used ran1 from " Numerical Recipes in fortran ,second edition, Page 271 ", but i think it is quite slow.
    While searching on the internet for a faster RNG i found a few Fortran subroutines
    (many were in other languages C/C++ ...), but they were slower than the one i had.
    Do you know were can i find a fast and quite longperiod (>= 10^12) RNG ???
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    Have you tried using the one that's part of the language?

    George Marsaglia developed a number of PRNGs.
    Some produce integers directly, others produce floating-point values directly.
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    ran1 is fast, but it is lousy (it has way too short a period). What makes you think it is slow?

    You can have fast or you can have good. Asking for both at once is a bit much.
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