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University level books on Optics and thermodynamics

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    I am into the final year of undergraduation. I am looking for an advanced book on Optics which deals with mathematical approach to polarisation. Today I went to a book shop where I came across a book on 'Fundamentals of optics' by Jenkins & White. Though it covered most of the topics but didn't contain what I wanted. Can somebody please suggest such a book which is available in the market? I am also looking for an advanced book on Thermodynamics for undergraduates. I came across a book on Principles of Thermodynamics by Zemansky and Hall. I found it hard to understand. Can u please suggest a book which is advanced at the same time bit easy to understand?
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    The classic text on optics would have to be, I'd think, Principles of Optics by Max Born and Emil Wolf. I'd consider it my stand-by text.
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    Dr Transport

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    Born and Wolf is an advanced text, it has polarization but without alot of mathematical preparation difficult to read. I found a bunch of texts doing a search on Barnes & Noble using the keywords "polarization optics" (my quotes). I have looked at a couple of these in the past in my work and can't tell you which is better than any other.

    As for thermodynamics, I'd start with Reif in the Berkley series as a start, then go on to Zemansky or Reif in the McGraw-Hill series.
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    Does anyone have a second opinion?
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    What is it that you are looking for?
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