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Unknown cretaceous fossil

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    Today, I found the following fossil in calcareous deposits from cental spain which are probably from the upper cretaceous. The little pores visible on the outside, make me think off a coral. What do you think? 15038551866751743981544.jpg 1503855294497-1315794350.jpg
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    that first image gave me a hint of an ammonite/nautiloid series fossil with the curved ridged structure ... very hard to tell
    the second image with the porous structure .... just not enough detail/remains of the original animal

    something along the lines of these fragments specially when looking at the top left sample


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    Dear Dave,

    just came back from vacations. The fossil is somewhat porringer shaped, which I do not expect from an ammonite. Also there is no helical structure.

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    The bowl shaped depression looks like one side of a bivalve shell.
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