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Unsure of what career path

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    I am a senior in high school, I am extremely unsure of what I should go into. I have already been accepted to 5 universities (2 tech schools), but I'm not sure what major I should choose. For a little background, I have a 3.6, 24 ACT, precalc is my current highest math and I took 1 semester of physics.

    I am considering a few degrees,
    -computer science - I am extremely thrifty with computers, I'm in a C++ class and decent at math, I understand the class but at the same time I don't, I also get tired of a lot of the projects we have to do and I always have to google around to get my programs working.
    -mechanical engineering - I love cars and anything mechanical, decent at math, but like I said I only took half a years worth of physics, ironically it has been my favorite class I've taken in high school but I didn't understand most of it, but it may have been the book we were using
    -electrical engineering - I love electronics, computers, cars, and electricity, I have read that this is one of the hardest engineering degrees though, and again, I'm not fantastic at physics
    -finance analyst - I love money, the study of it, the economy, stocks, bonds, it is just flat out interesting to me, I watch videos on KhanAcademy about it and it is extremely intriguing but I am not very social/people skills aren't great.
    -mathematics/physics ? - I have always loved math, and physics is extremely fun and interesting, but I'm not great at either of them, especially physics. Math, I have never really struggled with but I have also never been the star pupil of it. I also would want to use the degree and apply it to a job (not teaching basically, no offense to those that do)

    Does anyone have any guidance with this bit of background about myself and my interests? I also may have been a little redundant with the fact of not being good at physics but I feel it is an important point.
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    I would also like a clear answer on all the specific jobs a physicst has open to them. Do all researchers teach? Is it hard to get research jobs for the interesting stuff?
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    Tryk to sit down and research the different kind of jobs each one does. I also had many many interests, but settled down with EE. Think hard about what you really want to do the rest of your life, i also recommend to research every subdiscipline that exists in each field
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