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Unusual Seismic Activity in the Pacific NW US

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    Ivan Seeking

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    We have been rockin and rollin here in the NW.

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    I'm in Ohio {near Cinci} and we had a small earth quake this morning.

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  4. May 10, 2011 #3
    I think I'm being stalked by earthquakes, I was in japan haiti and christchurch! So stop saying that the worlds gonna end in 2012
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    That's called coincidence Monty lover, and welcome to PF

    But careful with posting. You posted in a two year old thread, the specialists here have a technical term for that: necroposting. The problem is that this way the members, browsing the forums, may get the impression that something is going on in Oregon right now :uhh:

    Please open a new thread if you want to discuss stalking earthquakes :smile:
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