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Usenet sci.phys. - can intelligence be obscene?

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    The Usenet sci.phys. (where people "use" each other). It is obvious these people know how to swear, but how well do they actually know their physics? I won't wade in their offal to find out. However, John Baez (the monitor?) seems intelligent and I've yet to see him use obscenities. Do they represent the physics community?
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    The only two groups of the sci.physics.* hierarchy that are moderated are sci.physics.research and sci.physics.strings, the two groups we carry here on physicsforums. The rest are basically chock-full of nuts and flame wars.

    John Baez is a very accomplished professor at UCR -- you can definitely trust him.

    - Warren
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    Cool, I just sit back and tune in to PF!
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    The usenet groups are crap. To find anything worthwhile is quite an effort. Lots of idiots, lots of bad manners, not much else.
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    I just saw a familiar name. Is that really Ed Witten posting at sci.physics.strings?
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    If there is anyone here who thinks we shouldn't be moderating language or intervening as moderaters to keep people's attitudes in check needs only put on their highwaters and go wading over there to see why we do it.

    I haven't even glanced at that place in over two years, and I don't miss it one bit.
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