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PF is a community of very well educated, intelligent people

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    I've been wondering about this for quite some time so I figured I'd ask all you folk here. Now, PF is a community of very well educated, intelligent people. So, I was wondering, do any of you consider yourselves elitists because of this? In many forums people (myself included) speak on problems and refer to the "general public", usually in the context of not knowing anything. Well, basically, how do you think you relate and all that good stuff?
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    http://images.despair.com/products/demotivators/elitism.jpg [Broken]
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    I don't think it's elitism, if a person is an expert in a certain area, then referring to the knowledge of the "general public" is referring to people that are not experts.
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    "Elite "to the general population, yes. I don't consider that elitism though. Genetic factors aside, I choose to educate myself. The general population doesn't. So saying I know more than the average person is not elitism. Its science.
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    I think its just like the army referring to people not part of the army as civilians. Its just a term that means people who are not trained in that field. What would you suggest replaces it?
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    I don't see myself as elite. I just see others as stupid.
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    Some people in any area can be elitist (snobs). Some people don't see themselves as elitist, but they are perceived that way by others. I think elitism is prevalent in every social level. The guy with all his teeth at a country bar may be looked upon as being elite. This is another reason why people who are "fill in the blank" seek other people who similar, so they can relate somewhat better in that area and feel comfortable.
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    I second that Jimmy!
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    Similarly I think everyone is an elitist in some sense. Most may not realize they are doing it but just about everyone I hear talking about anything they have some level of expertise in or some exclusive group they belong to talk down on the "outsiders". Mechanics making fun of people who don't know anything about cars. Goths making fun of what people think is goth. Religious people looking down on those who don't belong to their religion. Ect ect...
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    <sniff> <sniff>

    it's 'etc.' --not 'ect'
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    Elitism is more of an ego problem.
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    What matters is not the difference between your own level of understanding and other people's level of understanding, but the level of your understanding compared to what can be understood.
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    That is unknown. How can something we can never know matter?
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    Can in practice, not necessarily in principle, be understood.
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    Most of us here know the old 'The problem with this world is that the fools are so sure of themselves but the wise are so unsure' saying by Bertrand Russell.
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