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Using 7 segment displays with adders

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    Hi I've been thinking of a project (nothing to do with college work) for me to do for a while now and finally came up with making a darts scorer as I can't find a diy one online. So I went to my crocodile technology and started mocking up a circuit. So far I have designed a 16 bit adder and when I tested it I happily saw it output binary in the correct way, however I then tried to simulate a 7 segment display unit connected to the adders outputs I couldnt get it working. So that is my question how do I wire up 7 segment displays?

    Extra Info:
    • The adder has 17 outputs (including the carry output)
    • It needs to connect to 4 seperate 7 segment display
    • The displays should not go past 9 (i.e goes to 0 and increases next display)

    Thanks in advance.
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    OK, so this question is 5 years old, and I expect you've got your answer or given up by now, but: There really isn't any simple way (74xx-wise) to do what you want. The 7447 will change a 4-bit BCD number to a 7-segment value, but converting a 16 bit value into 4/5 BCD numbers is a bit more tricky. Likewise, most multi-digit 7-segment displays only drive one digit at a time, so you have to rapidly multiplex the segments across the digits. My guess is that the best path (nowadays) would be an arduino with a display adapter. Then you can just call the "output a number" routine, and life will be good.

    Good luck if you decide todo this all in logic gates - that would be a cool project.
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    I doubt he'll see your post, as he was last active here Feb 25, 2013.
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    But he might get an email...


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