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Using a Microwave Oven to Measure the Speed of Light

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    For this lab, I'm supposed to use materials that heat up but doesn't allow heat to transfer. I've used raw spaghetti noodles already but I still a few more for more trials.
    So what materials are good for this lab? after heating up the material, I measure the distance between the "hot spots" so I can deduce the wavelength of the standing wave ( I have no clue what that means) and from that determine the speed of light.

    Is this enough information for someone to help me?
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    Use a chocolate bar. The distance between the molten parts are indicating the wavelength.
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    I've also tried egg white! I need at least two more materials I think.
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    I think you read the lab manual incorrectly.
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    Microwave ovens may have a "stirrer" to distrupt the standing wave pattern. Are you being provided with a microwave especially for this experiment?
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