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Using DropBox on a Macintosh to backup files

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    I'm intending to backup the source files of a program I'm working on. So what I tried to do is

    left-click-->Make Alias

    with each of the source files and then moved the aliases to my DropBox folder on my computer. I assumed this would have the effect of having the source files being saved in my DropBox account as well as on my machine whenever I save my work. But the alias files have some weird encoding.

    Also, I just made a GitHub account and I'm wondering whether there's a way to use my GitHub client to automatically sync the most recent version of the project on my computer.
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    What do you mean by automatically synching? You can synch GitHub files but you have to at least tell it to synch. Are you referring to a commit?
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    An alias in Mac OS is not a copy of the original file. It's a sort of "pointer" file that contains information that tells the OS where to find the original file. When you double-click on the alias, the OS opens the original file.
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    I want to continuously "push" a GitHub repository, I guess
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    I probably should've learned GitHub terminology before making this thread
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