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I Using Gamma Ray reflector to reduce mass of Shadow shield

  1. Oct 27, 2016 #1
    Let's say we have manned space vessel powered by a highly power but radioactive rocket engine, producing a lot of deadly gamma rays. The classical answer to this problem is to use a shadow shield. However, Nuclear Shadow Shields are very heavy.

    What about the idea of instead of trying to absort all gamma rays, we reduce mass by using a V shaped Multi Layered Gamma ray reflector in front of the shadow shield. That way a good proportion of those gamma rays will be reflected back into space. Of cource you still need a shadow shield but it mass could be reduced considable because it needs to absorb a lot less gamma rays
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    I always thought that the "classical" solution to that was to keep the radioactive parts far away from the people, rather than a massive shield.

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    Well distance help also, but you are still going to need a shadow shield
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