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Using LED in fixture designed for Halogen

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    I have a lighting fixture used in stage and entertainment lighting (HES Trackspot) which was designed to use a 250Watt Halogen bulb (Phillips QT8500). The power supplying the bulb is 24VAC. The bulb has two fans underneath.

    I have found a LED bulb with comparable lumen output. The bulb is rated at 14.4VAC @ 6.3amps..

    I have found an ohms law calculator which says there is a 1ohm difference between the current.. so I just wanted to know if anyone can chime in on this effort. I also know nothing about power supplies, or if the LED is DC or AC current.. Im just thinking as long as I can hack a heatsink for the LED and the current doesnt blow it up.. it would work?

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    your statement "there is a 1 ohm difference between the current" doesn't make sense since ohms and current are not the same thing at all.

    At any rate, no it won't work because if the LED bulbpack is rated for 14V and you power it with 24V, it will surely blow out immediately.
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