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Using physics to produce heat - need some ideas

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    Is there a material/metal that will safely react with another catalyst (fuel) material which will cause the material/metal to become very hot?

    They should be:
    - cheap materials
    - safe and non-toxic (before and after reaction)
    - controllable and long lasting reaction

    Looking forward to some ideas :)
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    Can you tell us what your requirement is ?
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    Coal and ambient oxygen?
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    The question confuses me. A catalyst is not a fuel; it's an essentially inert participant in a chemical reaction. Ie: it comes out the same way that it went in. It might or might not take part in the reaction itself, but returns to its original state when finished. A fuel is in some way utilized in a different reaction that produces energy.
    As for heat production, the catalytic converter in a car runs at an average of 500°F. That is without being consumed in the reaction.
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