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Using the Binomial Theorem, find the first 5 terms in the expansion and estimate

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    Okay, well, perhaps I am already done, perhaps not. This is why I seek your wisdom :)

    If you are asked to find the first 5 terms of the expansion (1 + 0.07)^9 using the Binomial Theorem, and then asked to use these terms to estimate the value of 1.07^9 what would you put?

    I added the 5 terms and wrote that I estimate the value of 1.07^9 would be that sum.

    Is this all the question is asking? Or are you supposed to go further with the terms and do something mathematical? :confused: :yuck:
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    Yeah, you added the first 5 terms and that was your estimate of 1.07^9. That seems like all there is.
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    Why would writing out the first 5 terms of the binomial expansion and adding them not be "mathematical"?
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    Oh, well of course that was a mathematical approach...

    But I thought this problem would require more thought/something I don't know, as the work it is along with is more than this simple. I thought that I was being tricked :redface:

    I guess sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, eh? :D
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    you can find the first five terms by expension.they asked to find the estimate value,which can be obtained by adding the first 4 to 5 terms.the others terms are so small that they can be neglected...
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