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UVA Engineering vs Virginia Tech Engineering

  1. Apr 4, 2009 #1
    Which would you choose? In general Virginia Tech is ranked higher by US News, except in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering and just about tied in Electrical (VT-17, UVA-19)(I will most likely do Mechanical and might do Electrical). VT has 10,000 total more undergraduates. It is also harder to get into UVA than VT. In terms of prestige the UVA name seems to carry a bit more weight since overall undergrad UVA is ranked 23 and VT is ranked 71.
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    I am in the same boat as you. I also got into Georgia Tech, but I probably wont go there because of price. Visited both campuses, very different campuses, loved both of them. From what the people here have told me, the two schools are so close that it doesn't really matter. I would visit both campuses and go to which one you like more. I liked VT's more, but not enough to cause me to lean one way or another.

    I absolutely love both campuses. They are different, but I loved everything about both of them. There are a couple of things that are making me lean on UVA. One is that so many people from my high school got into VT that I wouldn't feel special, especially because those people worked half as hard I did throughout high school. And based on the people that got in, I just feel like I would fit in more at UVA. UVA is harder to get into and based on the people that I know that got into UVA vs. the people I know that got into VT, I like UVA more. And like you said UVA has history and prestige. (Also UVA is offering me like a full ride and I don't think VT is so that might make things easier for me)

    Just remember though its not where you go its what you do there. You will have plenty of opportunities either way. As far as engineering you may have more opportunities at VT, but I think that you would be able to stand out more as an engineering student at UVA.
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    You will not go wrong on either one of these schools. I'm personally slightly partial to VT, but I have friends on the faculty at both of them. Go where you think you want to go, and don't worry about ratings.
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