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Homework Help: Values of the six Trigonometric Functions

  1. Sep 24, 2012 #1
    Find the values of the six trigonometric functions of an angle θ in standard position whose terminal side is containing the points (-3,0)


    I believe the following are correct But I am not sure, Please give insight

    Sinθ= 0/3
    Cosθ= -3/3
    Tanθ= 0/3
    Cscθ= 3/0
    Secθ= -3/3
    Cotθ= 3/0
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    No, pretty much none of those are correct. I suggest you go back and check your basic definitions. The "circle" definition of the trig functions, which is what you appear to be using, requires that the terminal point be on the unit circle and (-3, 0) definitely is not- [itex](-3)^2+ (0)^2= 9[/itex], not 1. Of course, you can divide both -3 and 0 by 3 to get the point (-1, 0) which is on the same line through the origin and is on the unit circle.

    Also, you should know that 0/a= 0 and that a/0 does not exist.
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    First, the questions states that the point in question is P(-3, 0) only? So we are to assume that the origin is the starting point? But if that is the case, then all we have is a straight line down the negative x-axis. This would imply that the angle measured from the positive x-axis is simply [itex]\pi[/itex] or 180 degrees.

    Is there another point that is given (your question states "pointS")?

    Look here too: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=174661
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    Sinθ= 0/3 = 0

    Cosθ= -3/3 = -1

    Tanθ= 0/3 = 0

    Cscθ= 3/0

    Secθ= -3/3 = -1

    Cotθ= 3/0

    What is 3/0 ?

    The others are correct !
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