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VBA Excel Does a Function Like this exist?

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    GO TO POST #2 for new question please

    I hate to start a thread just for this, but my Googling skills SUCK today!

    Is there a function that returns what character is in a given position within a string?

    For example,

    Dim MyName As String
    MyName = "SaladSamurai"


    Then it would return "a"

    I could write something...but I hate to reinvent the wheel on this one.

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    Nevermind, I am a moron. I have been using it all day! Mid ..... idiot......

    BUT, while you are reading this, unrelated question:

    You know in XML or other mark up languages how they wrap some thing with those command things (yes, I realize that I am butchering the language here)? For example

    <ABC>X</ABC> What is the name of the entire "<ABC>" object? Is it a 'command' or a what?

    I just want to name my function appropriately. It grabs the '<'and '>' and whatever is in between.
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    Math Is Hard

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    yeah, Mid() should do the trick.
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