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Vector review for electromagnetics

  1. May 16, 2012 #1
    I am a junior EE scheduled to take engineering electromagnetics in the Fall and want to know what math topics are the most useful to review. I know E&M involves quite a bit of vector analysis but I'm not sure how deep into it I should look. For anyone who has taken a similar course, can you recommend specific topics that you think are the most worthwhile to know.
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    Basic vector math (adding, multiplying vectors)
    Partial derivatives (Curl and gradient)
    Multivariable calculus (integrating for area and volume, Gauss's theorm for divergence)

    Doing all of the above in different coordinate systems (polar, spherical)

    In undergraduate you probably won't get into the PDEs, but if you do knowing how to solve Laplace's equation.

    Some of these things will make a lot more sense when you see them applied to EM than just reading about them from a purely mathematical standpoint (at least they did for me).
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