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Vectors and discrete time signals

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    How can a discrete time signal can be a vector? i cannot grasp the idea.
    i know matlab uses matrices which denote vectors, but how does a discrete time varying amplitudes be a vector?
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    I think you might be confusing the issue here?
    Just because matlab is storing the amplitudes inside of a matrix doesn't imply that it is a vector its just how matlab handles things.
    Remember if you wanted to look at a continuous time signal in matlab you still need to define the step size matrix and go from there.

    But on the other hand think of it this way there are 2 ways to define a vector.
    1st a starting point, an angle and a magnitude.
    2nd multiples of the unit vectors

    So when you define any point (x,y) you're defining the vector to that point no???
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    i just read that a discrete time signal from (0-n) has n dimensionality
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