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Velocity of a photon from its own reference frame

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    So what will it see it self as?? At rest or moving a velocity c? Either way it seems to be a contradiction, so does that mean a photon can't be reference frame?
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    D H

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    Exactly. See our FAQ, [thread]511170[/thread].
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    Hmm, shouldn't that be an assumption in Special relativity as well, along with equivalence of all inertial frame, and the light speed one.


    does it mean that a photon reference frame simply doesn't and cannot exist
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    Extra assumption not needed. Definition of reference frame of an (inertial) observer: frame in which observer is at rest. Axiom of relativity: light moves at c in all reference frames. Then the reference frame of a photon requires it to simultaneously be at rest and move at c. Contraction. Such a frame is excluded without additional assumptions.
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    yes, I see it now
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