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Venture capital/entrepreneurship type volunteering organizations?

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    Is anyone aware of some interesting engineering/math/science or venture capital/entrepreneurship type volunteering organizations? I'm looking into volunteering online if I can.

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    In what way would you like to help out? You should check out opensource-software, they probably will need people to help them out.
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    Andy Resnick

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    There's nearly infinite opportunities for science volunteering, but the majority is all face-to-face contact. Volunteer at your local science/natural history museum. Volunteer at the local high school/junior high/elementary school to put on 'science days', or organize a science fair. Heck, ask the library if they need someone to weed-out their stock and recommend new additions.

    Ask around- put yourself out there.

    You may be able to hook up with a political official in an advisory capability, but that will require you to have some "bona fides".
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