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Vertically stacked Stators and Rotors Permanent Magnet Alternator

  1. Jul 24, 2011 #1
    Greetings, I fabricated a PMA using vertically stacked stators and rotors. I tested the unit on a lathe and was able to gather the following data at different RPMs. The design uses the flux lines from both ends of the magnet. This configuration allows the stators and rotors to be stacked vertically. The stators are connected in parallel so the internal resistance drops, output increases at lower RPMs as more stators and rotors are added. The configuration uses less magnets than dual rotor designs with fixed internal resistance. Is there a mathematical solution to predict output at a higher RPMs using the data that I have been able gather?

    1 Stator ,
    Amps , RPM, Internal resistance
    0.38 , 190, 4.3 ohms
    2.06 , 310
    3.8 , 440
    2 Stators
    0.51 , 189 , 2.4 ohms
    2.06 , 310
    3.8 , 340
    3 Stators
    1.56 , 186 , 1.9 ohms
    2.95 , 270
    6.5 , 340

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