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Very good free online thermal Physics book

  1. Mar 3, 2007 #1
    I am currently in a thermal physics class and am using the popular standard textbook by Schroeder. But I found some of the derivations in there non-rigorous and lack good explanation.

    I looked for some additional references and I came across this site:

    which contains a full thermal physics which you can download
    (by H. Gould, J. Tobochnik)

    This book really clears a lot of the fuzzy concepts i learnt from Schroeder's book. also, the online book has a lot of simulations which is always cool to be played around with.

    I thought the book is very well written and in many topics much clearer and more detailed than the ones in Schroeder's book. I just would like to share this with anyone looking for a good free text.
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    Yeah, I've downloaded it... and I'm looking for a thermal physics text. But I dunno if I should buy Reif or print this one. Reif seems better for my third year, and it's recommended too.

    So, does this book cover as much territory as Reif, or is the latter the better alternative?
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