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Very Odd Residu

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    Ok so I mixed alum (aluminium potassium sulfate... I think), flower,and cornstarch in a 1:1:1 ratio, and put that in a covered pot and heated it till it produced no more smoke/fumes. This was an attempt to make a rapidly oxidizing powder in air. It was very blind science, I am sorry to say. It didn't work so I took the residue and ground it up and saved it.

    Then one day I was making gun powder and I didn't have enough charcoal, or sugar. Then I remembered that I had made that an it was mostly carbon any way. So I substituted it in for charcoal. It worked like a champ. But I soon noticed that the residue left behind seemed to turn a very vibrant red as it cooled.

    This really puzzles me I dont know what it is. It looks like red phosphorus but, I dont think any of the chemicals contained phosphorus. What have I made?? Please some one help me out here.
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    It would be great if you could show us a picture of it.
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    With "flower" you mean "sulfur flower"?
    If it's so, than that red residue, IMO, could be made of potassium polisulfides.
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