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Very Odd thread designation

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    Afternoon everyone,

    I am slightly confused........

    Basically, i will be purchasing a force transducer from a company called HBM.

    Now, on their data sheet it shows that there are two tapped holes either end of the transducer, designated by G and G1.

    I am using a 125kN transducer, and for G and G1 it gives the following (also see attached screen shot and zoom into the bottom table):

    G:M33x2−4H 35.6 deep.

    G1:M33x2−4H 35.6 deep.

    Now i understand what each number and letter is supposed to denote, but the pitch value of 2mm seems so small. If you notice on the table, all thread pitches are 2mm - even for the M16 to M72 threads that are listed in the table?

    Obviously for a course pitch the the pitch for an M33 is 3.5mm, but the fine pitch series doesn't mention anything?

    I don't want to purchase the load cell if it will be an impossiible task to get the thread on the attachments - that will screw into the M33 holes.

    I also know that the HBM are originally a German company, so maybe they use an odd designation.

    I have contacted the UK tech support team and they don't know.

    Can anyone please help me?

    Have a great weekend,

    mech King

    Genrally we tend to use ISO Metric Course threas in my industry

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    Machinery's lists all of those as being part of the M profile as per ASME B1.13M. I can't say that I am familiar with them because I don't use metric threads very often. I don't even have the spec on hand to look at.
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