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Homework Help: Very simple Lines of Force question

  1. Dec 31, 2013 #1
    "The figure below is a lines of force representation of an electric field."

    "In the figure above is the electric field stronger at point X or point Y What evidence in the diagram indicates that this is the case?"

    My answer: Y. Because the lines of force are closer together.

    In what direction would an electron accelerate if it were placed in the electric field above? What evidence in the diagram indicates that this is the case?"

    My answer: Since it's an electron and the center is positively charged I would think it would be drawn to the center. But the "in the diagram" part being in italics is throwing me off because the diagram shows the vectors pointing away from the center. Am I just over-thinking this?
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    Your answers are correct. For the second one, you need to provide the evidence for your answer using the diagram. Think in terms of the definition of E- field. Electric filed is the force per unit charge: F = EQ.

    If the charge is negative (ex. electron) the force will be in the -E direction. i.e. opposite to the direction of the electric field.
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    I thought as much, I just wanted a second opinion to make sure it wasn't a trick question. Thank you so much for talking the time to help :D
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