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Veterans Day

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    Thanks to all who, in the past, did their best, gave their most. And thank you to all who give today. To all vets overseas and away from home, we hold you close in our hearts and wish for a safe return.
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    Thank you for this tender entry Contessa,
    This is a much different world and all seems so out of control. Who begins to understand?
    We have loving, thankful feelings for all who have served and are in service now. But reason is beyond me and I can not touch the why this had to happen or continue to be.

    I did not want to spoil your post by saying something because it was as perfect the way you wrote it and the photo with it. But I could not let you stand alone either.

    I too thank all. An all which I will never know.
    And I thank you who are to go forward now in service and with what I am hope that you come home safe and with an understanding of how to make this all stop.
    Bless you from where blessings come and that too I know not.
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    Nice post Hypatia, and a powerful photo. I can't even imagine what it must have been like for them, and they have my utmost respect and gratitude - both those who served in the past and who are serving now.
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