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News Vicente Fox on Blacks: The role of racism in illegal immigration

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    Ivan Seeking

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    It has long seemed that part of the illegal Mexican immigration problem here in the US is rooted in racism in Mexico. I find it striking that nearly all illegal immigrants from Mexico are of either of Aztec or Inca [dark skin], and not Spanish descent. The following quote from the former President of Mexico [Spanish descent] doesn’t help to dispel this notion.

    - Vicente Fox

    Did we forget our self for just a moment, Mr. President?
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    Math Is Hard

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    Fox has a lot of nerve. I guess you heard his latest comments about the "xenophobics, the racists, those who feel they are a superior race.." deciding the immigration policies in the U.S. Here's my favorite quote from that:

    Yes, that's absolutely awful, isn't it? Except when Mexicans do it to Central Amercans - then it's OK! :mad:
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The open borders people are desperately trying to paint this as a racism issue on our part, and of course that is a factor for some people who are racist. On the part of many Mexicans it may well be a problem of their own racism [does Cortez still run Mexico?], but for me the concerns are practical ones. As I'm sure that you have, MIH, I have seen what the unregulated mass influx of immigrants can do to a city.

    It does no one any good to overload the educational, medical, and public systems, to the point of failure, which is exactly what happens. Perhaps people like Fox should consider how Mexico might fix Mexico, and quit blaming the US for their problems; many of which result from a long history of Mexican corruption and racism.
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    There's racism against black mexican citizens . I had a black friend who resides in mexico who told me he is pulled over by the mexican police frequently to recite the mexican national anthem , just to prove his citizenship .
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    Having lived in Mexico for twenty years, I can tell you that racism is a considerable issue there. It's a lot more subtle than you'd find it in most countries, but it's very real.

    The majority of Mexicans are what is called mestizos, of combined European-Native ancestry. That means you find a continuous range of skin tones and physical features going all the way from the Caucasian archetype to what you'd expect of an ancient Aztec.

    Probably from purely historical reasons, upper-class Mexicans are predominantly closer to the Caucasian archetype. In northern Mexico, Jewish and Arab ancestry are abundant in the elite as well. This had led to a sort of ill-formed paradigm that there is something inferior in having native features. What's worse, even people who are very clearly of native ancestry may discriminate against those who are slightly more visibly so ("I'm not white, but I'm whiter than you.") I believe it's even used to internally justify the treatment given to illegal Central Americans at the southern border. It's a very sad issue.

    Back on topic, while I do not agree with the border fence, Fox is being a hypocrite with his comment about violence. It's absolutely true that the same happens in reverse at the southern Mexican border.
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    The best argument in favor to open borders I have heard is the libertarian one: to hire and be hired is a individual free choice, and governments must not interfere in it. Ask Ayn Rand.

    The worst argument is that you are talking about, the Fox's argument and actually the always present argument. "Americans are bad because they don't want to share their wealth with us" Oh selfishness!

    There is a sort of economic blindness in we Mexicans, about the origin of wealth. United States is seen a a sort of "El Dorado" magic place, where you can collect gold from the street.

    United States is wealthier than Mexico because is a technologically more advanced than Mexico. This is a statement that any Mexican would deny. "They are wealthier because they stole us. Steal them back is a virtue".

    A lot of my fellow graduates of electrical engineer are not able even to solve a simple circuit. When they go to work to United States, they must work in McDonalds and not as an engineer. Why? "Because American are racists" When I ask them about taking the EIT test they are surprised to learn the existance of EIT or PE, and that having a degree is not enough in U.S.A. to be regarded as an engineer. However, after they are fully informed, they said: "oh, no, I cannot do that, it is too hard, I would need to study AGAIN". They say it as if study is something you only do when you are younger than 25, and finished the ordeal, you will never do again.

    Once I talked to a teen boy who has just finished middle school in Mexico. They called him "El Mudo". I asked him "what high school are you going". He said to me "I don't need to go to High School, I have a green card". When Fox or Calderon lobby for a more open border, I always remember "El Mudo" and think that any stuff that make you feel that education is not necessary is a coarse. Could Obama a issue a "Mudo Law"? Any permanent resident who fails in getting a High School Diploma losses the Green Card.

    The way to go out our problems in Mexico is and always will be education. But in Mexico, most think that education is a piece of paper. Maybe they are true because here, in practice, a fake piece of paper is indistinguishable of a real one. But if we want to change things, we need real knowledge and for this, we need to step down from the cloud we are now. And yes, stop blaming the Americans for everything what is wrong.
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    It would be a rather unpopular move. As is many hispanics living in my area primarily blame the lack of educational success of their children on the schools because of english being the default language. They say that their children can not succeed because they do not understand and speak english well enough and the schools do not have enough ESL (Eglish as a Second Language) classes and teachers. To some degree they are right though I think that they blow the issue out of proportion.
  9. Dec 7, 2009 #8
    Fox is a professional stupid. Period.

    BTW. He's from German - Spaniard heritage. So he just can't say things like these.
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