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Video help! mobile video

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    OK here is the situation chevy factory DVD(panasonic) they said they didnt make it.Factory overhead screen.
    We are trying to find the video out from the DVD player to the screen, so that we can add more monitors. we are testing the wires but cannot find the 2 video wires, I know that in some systems there are more that just the 2 video wires there are sync wires also. what are these and how do I test to find it and what do I connect it to for it to work.Also what is video out usually? ie volts/resistance...Thanks guys
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    I googled video monitor standards cable, and got lots of interesting hits. Here's one of the first, although this one covers mostly computer monitor cables, not TV monitor cables:

    http://www.monitorworld.com/Cables/video_standards.html [Broken]

    One of the other hits might cover more of a TV monitor perspective. Can you post a link to info about the Panasonic DVD Player/Monitor that you are talking about? A picture is worth....I forget....
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    Video is usually under a volt AC.

    If you're lucky, it will be composite (yellow RCA) and only be two wires.

    S-Video is similar, except the mini-DIN plug has Y/C (luminance which is green to keep color and B&W compatible, and chromance which is red and blue) so if you get just the Y wires then you will get a B&W picture.

    Its not too bad to switch between composite and s-video, you can get adapters from parts express.

    It could be analog component, where green, red, blue are transmitted serperately, and the vertical and horizontal sync can be on the green or each seperate. This is very similar to RGB for computer monitors, and the green again can be used by itself for a B&W picture (if h/v sync included). You can get converters for many different types of RGB to convert to composite or s-video, but they're not cheap or common.

    It could even be the digital component video, very new and commonly confused with HDTV since many sets that are HDTV-Ready (in its 9 variations of definition) use this connection, and a progressive scan DVD player would have it. You're going to have a tough time with this one.

    However, it could just be a digital signal feed of whatever type the engineers decided would be the cheapest and easiest. It may be very difficult to interface with, but its likely not going to be that challenging. I'd suggest asking in the Matt Borgardt Fabrication forum on carsound.com and see if anyone there knows of a way to tap the video, tons of experience there. Make sure you specify year, model, and stereo/video options because GM has many variations in the last few years.
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