Virulent form of cold virus spreads in U.S.

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    Heh, the girl in the cube next to me at work is a hypochondriac, so I made sure to show her this the other day. I wonder if that's why she's not here today.
  4. Astronuc

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    Such a team player :rofl:
  5. Evo

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    I do what I can. o:)
  6. Talking about team players. I'm in a 24/7 setting and I just calculated that the teams absence due to sick-at-home was at a ~1.5% rate this year versus some 7% for a normal planning figure. Now this would lead to two possible scenario's. Either working 24/7 shifts is very healthy or people show up at work at any cost, because otherwise somebody else would not be relieved (there is no leeway for reserves).
  7. I read this very early this morning, by 11 am..i was sneezing my head off. This is my first weekend off in several months, and I half to spend it nurseing a cold I got from a forum:cry:
  8. Evo

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    It's a computer virus.
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    Feel better hypatia. Everyone around here seems to be sniffling and sneezing this week, so I'm glad I've spent most of the week wearing a surgical mask! Actually, I wouldn't mind catching the bug this weekend and getting it out of the way while I have some time to nurse it. I know that won't happen though. They'll just incubate that beast until I'm starting the experiment that's going to require 14 hour work days with no breaks, and then they'll give it to me so I'm completely miserable and can't just sleep it off.
  10. Much be a glitch in the matrix.
  11. Astronuc

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    A number of people around me are nursing colds.

    I got the oddest looks today when I went for my walk. What's the big deal about short sleeves and bare feet?! It was only 35°F with a nice 10 mph breeze. Geez, ya think it was cold or something. :cool:

    Well - I did notice that everyone else was wearing coats or jackets.

    Go figure. :smile:

    I was wearing shoes the other day while walking with my colleagues, and noticed an elderly woman walking briskly towards us from a bus stop where she had been waiting on a side street perpendicular to our path. We meet at the street corner and she came up to me and asked me why I was wearing shoes. :rofl: I told her I was just lazy and didn't bother to take them off - which is true. Apparently the fact that I don't wear shoes when I go walking has caught the attention of a few people. :rofl:
  12. After stepping on way to many things {some sharp, some stinky}..I now wear shoes when I walk.
    Thank you Moonbear, your right, it is much better that I can stay home, maybe do a few little holiday craft stuffs.
  13. Evo

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    Feel better soon hypatia!!!
  14. My, my---It looks like a lot (in a way) when I've been out for a while that has been posted. I don't think it was this cold (above) that I had, but the flu. I don't remember the last time I had the flu--I mean I don't think I've had it in 30 years, and I still don't feel well. I've gained back about 5lbs of the 20 I lost. I'm hoping to feel good enough today to get out and go grocery shopping--the fruit and vegetables are on the top of the list.
  15. Evo

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    I was wondering where you had disappeared to. Sorry to hear you've been ill.
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