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Visual Basic MSComm port and Virtual port

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    I am writing a visual basic program and used MSComm for testing communication ports of PC. It is working well.

    At company, we have a game machine using two standard ports (com1 and com2 which can use MSComm to test) and virtual ports (com3 and com4). Of course, the program cannot test the virtual ports com3 and com4.

    Anyone knows what should I do for my program or what I should consider of? Thanks a lot!

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    I have no idea what you are asking for.
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    Ooh NO!

    Ooh!tell me O!.
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    I am as well suprised
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    I've never messed with virtual com ports before but I have a fair amount of experience with MSComm is VB. Is there some sort of loopback test you can do? Is there a setting for this virtual port that could do a 'virtual loopback'?
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