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Voltage at a spot where the force on a charge is zero

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    Suppose you have a system of charges on the xy plane. Am i correct in saying that the place where you have zero volts, is the place where you can put a charge and it WONT move?
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    hi oneplusone! :smile:

    where the field is zero, it won't move (field is force per charge)

    zero volts doesn't really imply anything

    voltage is electric potential energy (per charge) …

    like gravitational potential energy, you can choose anywhere to be zero …

    and if you put something where the gravitational potential is zero, that won't stop it falling! :rolleyes:
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    Using an example to put it another way:

    Suppose you have a hill that rises above sea-level, and it is next to a valley that is below sea-level. Somewhere on that downhill slope that goes from above to below sea-level, we place a ball. The ball does not stay in place, but actually rolls down the hill.
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