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Wanted to designed a 5k Watt Wind Turbine

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    Hi everyone!
    I am new in physics forum and this is my first post.
    I need help from the people out there.

    I wanted to deisgn a Vertical Axis wind turbine to produce 5k Watt output with a frequecy of

    50Hz, 220VAC, to completely run my home appliance 24 hours. Appliances include:
    -1.5ton AC
    -4 ceiling fans
    -14 energy saver
    -2 bulb of 100watt

    What things I needed?
    I also have some questions regarding this project in my mind.
    -Can I directly connect my appliance with alternator, because alternator generate AC output?
    -Is battery needed for this project?
    -Is there any gearbox available with variable input and constant output?
    Hoping a favourable reply soon...
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    Averagesupernova thanks for reply, but nothing interested I found on that website.
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    Highly ambitious. What happens when it's not blowing then? Before you start looking into this, be realisitic. You aren't going to get 5kV all the time and you certainly aren't going to get 24hours worth.

    I'm all for doing stuff yourself rather than paying someone, but if you are serious about this,
    don't design one, buy one. It'll be just as expensive but would acutally have a chance of working.

    The amount of people that haven't thought about it and stuck a poorly sized turbine on their house only to have it produce no power, beggars belief.
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