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Solar Updraft Tower turbine design

  1. Nov 2, 2014 #1
    I'm attempting to design a turbine for a small scale solar updraft tower. It produces between 1-3 m/s of air flow in a 0.3m diameter tower. I'm in need of resources that can guide me on designing the turbine fan. I've already got the Wind Energy Handbook, however I'm not even sure if following the HAWT design theories is appropriate for these flow characteristics.

    I'm looking for resources I can go to to aid my design, or any tips on what type of fan I should be aiming for.
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    Hi, Lukeiy. I can't be of any help in the way that you're asking, but I'm wondering if you might have more luck just researching regular horizontal wind generators (not the huge ones, of course). They should use the same formulae and engineering principles as the vertical one that you want to make.
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