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Wants to become a physicist.

  1. Nov 23, 2013 #1
    Hello everyone !
    I have completed my postgraduation in physics without any projects from an indian university five years back .I think some universities may call it as masters by coursework Before and after completion of post graduation I had worked for 4 years in different colleges and trained differents levels of school and college students in India.But i don't have any research experience .

    I have been living in Australia for 1 year and i have interest in doing research from Australian university. I was doing good in my academics both in undergraduate level and post graduate level.Is starting my research a hopeful decision as my masters was done years back?
    Is this becomes a hurdle to start my career in research filed.And i am in doubt whether i can get enrolled into research degree or not without any research experience.

    all suggestions would be helpful for my career.
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