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News Was Wikipedia Hijacked?

  1. Aug 12, 2005 #1
    Was Wikipedia Hijacked???

    Check this yourself ...

    I just attempted to go to the Hague Invasion Act following the link in Yahoo:


    On this page, sombody had imbedded a re-direct to: American Servicemembers' Protection Act

    Hmmm ....

    It's all a Neocon plot, I tell you!!!! :surprised
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    Wikipedia is a freely edited website so it may be intentional.
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    HA! That's funny. Have you e-mailed their webmaster?
    Recently some one started a smear campaign against someone on MySpace because they openly bashed America and American troops in Iraq. I thought that was pretty idiotic. Too many people only appreciate free speech when it suits them.
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    They have us fighting one another already... first online, then.... There are a few individuals here on PF that can understand why someone would do such a thing as misinform or sabotage... however there seems to be those who don't realize the point of this and unfortunately they are regarded as highly intelligent by many.

    We should communicate without being right, especially when we are using artillery from ultimately unreliable resources. preaching to the converted i kwow :smile:
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    You needed to read a little more
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    If you look at the history it appears that the two have been merged for quite some time (at least since feburary).

    Well, I don't know what the Hague Invasion Act is, but are you sure they're not the same thing?
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    The wiki article seems correct.
    http://www.iccnow.org/documents/USandICC/ASPA.html [Broken]

    They were probably merged since creation.
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    Hmmm ... I believe I have been duped ... You are all correct ...:redface:

    Apparently Hague Invasion Act is a nickname of the US legislation where the US voted to opt out of the Geneva Conventions... (ie. refuses to allow US citizens to be tried in the world court)

    D'ja think Bush might have been covering his own ass considering what happened to Tojo for leading a country to war on a pack of lies? :uhh:
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