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Watch LHC Operation in realtime

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    Currently on fill 1325 running an injection probe at 3 Tev.
    BTW: It's great to get realtime status. No more searching the news for snippets of LHC progress. Just watch it happen. Anyone else find this helpful?
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    I don't want to damper the enthusiasm here, but you DO know that this is simply the accelerator operations, ya? Practically ALL of the physics involved in the LHC are done at the various detectors (ATLAS, CMS, ALICE, etc.), not at the accelerator ops.

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    Of course! These are machine ops. But heck, I remember sitting in control rooms many a night totally dependent on the machine team for decent beam and a decent physics run. I have a lot of respect for these guys. Accelerator physics is not particle physics for sure, but it's still dang complex.
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    Right now the energy is at 7864 GeV http://lhc.web.cern.ch/lhc/, can you tell me if I'm misreading this or this is for 2 beams not one.
    It just changed but if you care to answer please go ahead.
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