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Water Electrolysis and Water Dissociation with RF waves

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    As Physicist of course I'm sure you've heard about the water dissociation with Radio waves that john kanzius discovered and I have a few questions on my mind listed below

    1) What is the difference between this phenomenon and water electrolysis? Is it true that the H2 and O2 produced from Dissociation of water with RF waves are more efficient than their production in electrolysis?

    2) What happens when increasing the watts of the RFG? Does it give more Waves and How? Or does it increase the range of the RF waves?

    3) If I wanted to direct the RF to a bigger test tube would it need more RF waves or would we want to increase the power? (If there was a Mathematical calculation please could you provide it?)

    I emailed those to Mr Rustum Roy and I hope to get any answers from him and I thought I'd have any from the professionals of this site.
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    That's what they claim. It contradicts several laws of physics, so it is hard to treat these claims seriously.
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