What is Dissociation: Definition and 84 Discussions

Dissociation, as a concept that has been developed over time, is any of a wide array of experiences, ranging from a mild emotional detachment from the immediate surroundings, to a more severe disconnection from physical and emotional experiences. The major characteristic of all dissociative phenomena involves a detachment from reality, rather than a loss of reality as in psychosis.The phenomena are diagnosable under the DSM-5 as a group of disorders as well as a symptom of other disorders through various diagnostic tools. Its cause is believed to be related to neurobiological mechanisms, trauma, anxiety, and psychoactive drugs. Research has further related it to suggestibility, hypnosis, and it is inversely related to mindfulness, which is a potential treatment.

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  1. M

    A Dissociation of a diatomic molecule containing Al

    Hello! Is there any diatomic molecule containing Al (or even a molecular ion), which upon dissociation from a given electronic level, leaves behind Al as a neutral atom? Any reference is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. K

    A Dissociation in diatomic molecules

    Hello! Let's assume we have a molecule in the ground electronic and vibrational state. Let's assume that the first excited electronic state is very far away so it can be neglected for the purpose of the questions. Also we can assume that the shape of the potential is well-behaved i.e. it is a...
  3. H

    Can I combine an Acid dissociation with autoionization of H2O?

    The problem states that I'm adding a certain volume of a known [KOH] to a certain volume of a known [HCH3COO]. The goal is to calculate the final pH. Since I don't know the K value of the rxn of HA w/ OH-, I set up 2 equations and combined their K values to derive the K value. Since the new...
  4. K

    The Effect of pH on Acid Dissociation: Exploring Le Chatelier's Principle

    So I calculated the pH for the two concentrations: pH=4.61 for the high concentration and pH=5.61 for the low concentration. Regarding the dissociation: in the solution manual it is given that the acid is most dissociated at the higher pH than the lower pH, which to me seems strange...
  5. J

    Could UV lasers be used to split CO2 and H2O?

    I was wondering whether intense UV light, tuned to the correct wavelength, could be used to split carbon dioxide and water molecules as a first step towards synthesizing liquid fuels.
  6. N

    Bond Dissociation Energy Problem

    Homework Statement Calculate an approximate heat of combustion for propane (C3H8) in kilojoules per mole by using the bond dissociation energies in the table. (The strength of the O=O bond is 498 kJ/mol, and that of a C=O bond in CO2 is 804 kJ/mol.) Homework Equations C3H8 + 5O2 → 3CO2 + 4H2O...
  7. Aafia

    Does the amount of energy affect the dissociation of methane

    I hear that methane is known dissociate into free radicals and sometimes into ions (carbocation and hydrogen proton). Is it different amounts energy responsible for the same molecule (methane) to undergoing different kinds of dissociation?
  8. A

    Dissociation vs. Ionization: What's the Difference in Acids and Bases?

    Why we always say that acid dissociates in water while bases ionizes in water knowing that both gives ions? What is the difference between dissociation and ionization in this field?
  9. L

    Finding dissociation constant for f-

    If I'm given the dissociation constant for HF, how would I find the dissociation constant for F-? Thanks in advance.
  10. K

    Finding acid dissociation rate constant from titration

    Homework Statement When a weak acid HA is titrated 75% of its endpoint, it has a pH of 5.25. Calculate its Ka. Homework Equations Ka = [H+ ][A- ]/[HA] [H+] = 10^-pH The Attempt at a Solution I found [H+ ] from the pH to be 10^-5.25 M. From the dissociation equation of HA, we know there is a...
  11. RoboNerd

    Dissociation vs Solubility: Are They Interchangeable Terms?

    Homework Statement Hello all! Say I have an ion XY. I dissolve it in a solution. What is the difference between its dissociation or solubility, or are they the same? Seems my ap chem review book is using these two terms interchangeably and I am just plain confused. Thanks Homework Equations...
  12. Nader AbdlGhani

    The unit of measurement of degree of dissociation ( α ) ?

    What's the unit used to measure α ? if α=(Kd/C)0.5 where Kd is the dissociation constant and C is the total concentration of electrolyte .
  13. K

    Solving Dissociation Reaction Homework

    Homework Statement Hi, I tried the following task: I tried to solve it, but apparently it's not correct: Can someone show me the right way to do this?Homework Equations See above The Attempt at a Solution see above[/B]
  14. R

    Peptide Bond Dissociation Temperaure

    This is more of a biochem question, but since there is not biochem forum, I'll ask it here. How much heat is required to break a peptide bond (not just denature the protein) in the absence of any catalysts?
  15. N

    When to Use Kw & Ka for Acid Dissociation Calculations

    So I've learned that in strong acids that dissociate completely, the concentration of H+ is the same as the concentration of the initial solution. So 1M of a strong acid will create 1M of H+, meaning the pH is 0. I've also learned that in weak acids, the whole thing doesn't dissociate. I have...
  16. H Smith 94

    Determining number of dissociated moles from concentration?

    Is there a formula to theoretically determine the number of moles of each ion present when a particular concentration of salt is dissociated in water? I remember from A-level (high school) chemistry that concepts such as the dissociation constant exist but I'm struggling to apply them to...
  17. J

    Ionization vs. Dissociation for acids & bases

    Homework Statement Hi everyone. I'm a relatively new high school chemistry teacher. I'm teaching modified arrhenius theory to my students, and I'm unclear on ionization vs. dissociation. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Here is my understanding: - Dissociation occurs when an ionic...
  18. A

    Contribution of the auto dissociation of water

    Homework Statement How much does the auto - dissociation of water contribute to the pH a 10e+3M aqueous solution of sulphuric acid? Homework Equations Ka = [H30+][SO42-}/[HSO4-] = 1.1e-2 Kw = [OH-][H30+] The Attempt at a Solution Sulphuric acid is a strong acid in the first hydrolysis step...
  19. E

    Chemical equilibrium for simultaneous dissociation reactions

    Hello everyone, Sorry I didn't have the time to rewrite the question, Can you help me with this?
  20. C

    What is the Ka for C3H6O3 in a titration with NaOH?

    Homework Statement when 10 cm3 of a monoprotic acid C3H6O3, with concentration of 7.2g/dm3, was titrated against against 0.05M NaCl, the equivalence point reached when 15.75cm3 (ph8) of NaOH was used. Calculate the acid dissociation constant Ka for C3H6O3. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a...
  21. P

    Dissociation constant as function of T,p.

    Homework Statement For given general reaction 2A<->A2 the affinity constant is known k(T)=1.7 10-4 mol/cm3 (t=18 C) Find dissociation (constant) level in normal pressure. Homework Equations So i solved it - found the general solution for dissociation constant. alpha=1/(sqrt(1+4k)) Now i have...
  22. B

    Barbituric Acid dissociation constant

    Homework Statement Barbituric acid is a single proton organic acid. Assume it is called "HA". Results show pH 4.22 in a solution of 0.020mol/dm3 of barbituric acid and 0.030mol/dm3 for sodium barbiturate, NaA. Calculate the "acid dissociation constant" for barbituric acid. Homework...
  23. T

    Calculating NaOH dissociation entalphy problem

    NaOH dissociation is exothermic so ΔH<0 But when I have a reaction NaOH(s) => Na+(aq) + OH-(aq) and count ΔrH using standard entalphy change of formation: ΔfH (NaOH) = -425 kj/mol ΔfH (OH-(aq)) = -230 kj/mol ΔfH (Na+(aq)) = +242 kj/mol Data from Atkins phisical chemistry basics...
  24. F

    Dissociation Well water at great Depths and Retrieve Effortlessly

    I have read there is a way to dissociate water without use of an electrolyte by means of high voltage that overcomes the dielectric constant of water. Would it therefor be possible to economically retrieve water from any depth well by dissociating the water at the bottom of the well into...
  25. A

    Solubility problem dissociation

    Hi, Can you look at the answers sheet of my notes? There seems to be a mistake with the maximum solubility of PbI2. Why do they not divide by two? I get 0.000187M.
  26. Entanglement

    Degree of dissociation accurately defined

    Is the degree of dissociation the value of Alpha when the dissociation begins with 1 mole of the solute, or is it alpha when the solute is 1 mole at equilibrium, There isn't a difference since I'm talking about very weak electrolytes but I want to know the accurate answer.
  27. baby_1

    Dissociation fraction

    Hello i want to solve a complex integral that in one of the first step its better to dissociation fraction.i want to know how can dissociation main fraction to two separate fraction and find "? " ? Thanks
  28. Teemo

    Percent Dissociation of Acetic Acid

    Homework Statement In a particular solution, acetic acid is 11% ionized at 25 degrees Celsius. Calculate the pH of the solution and the mass of acetic acid dissolved to yield 1.00 L of solution. Ka of CH3CO2H: 1.8x10^(-5) Homework Equations Ka=([CH3CO2-][H3O+])/[CH3CO2H] pH=-log[H3O+] The...
  29. U

    Calculate degree of dissociation

    Homework Statement Vapour density of N_2O_4 which dissociated according to the equation N_2O_4(g) \Leftrightarrow 2NO_2(g) is 25.67 at 100°C and a pressure of 1 atm. Calculate the degree of dissociation and K_p for the reaction Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution \alpha =...
  30. S

    Understanding dissociation constants

    Ka = [H+][A-]/[HA] Is the term "[HA]" referring to its initial concentration or its equilibrium concentration?
  31. P

    Dissociation Energy (Modern physics)

    Homework Statement Hello, the question is, does the binding energy of a molecule is greater than or equal to the dissociation energy? Homework Equations A molecule exists because its energy is less than that of the system of separate noninteracting atoms: Mc²∠Ʃ mi c² Here M is...
  32. fluidistic

    Dissociation energy of NaCl, finding parameters and more questions

    Homework Statement The distance between the nuclei Na and Cl is R_0=0.236 nm. The curvature of the potential energy is 109J/m^2. The potential of ionization of the Na is 5.1 eV while the electron affinity of the Cl is 3.65 eV. From these data, find the parameters a and \alpha in the...
  33. C

    Dissociation constants of NaCl/KCl

    What are the dissociation constants of NaCl and KCl respectively? I want to determine how much of the salt dissociates in a 1 M solution. Thanks!
  34. C

    Dissociation degree of polyprotic acids

    I can quickly calculate the dissociation degree of a monoprotic acid with the formula below (derived from the Hendersson-Hasselbach equation). I don't see any reason why this would not work also for polyprotic acids but I would like to confirm that it does. I would appreciate it if someone could...
  35. V

    SI engine combustion. CO2 dissociation?

    Hey guys, Had this over in the mechanical engineering section but I think I might have more luck with getting an answer over here. The question is, what is happening to make the extra power when using a rich mixture in an SI engine? An air fuel ratio (AF:R) of 14.7:1 is stoichiometric for...
  36. V

    Stoichiometric combustion. Products and dissociation

    Hey guys, Combustion in an SI engine. So an AF:R of 14.7:1 is stoichiometric for petrol (gas), but an AF:R of 12.5:1 makes more power. One common thought is that not all the fuel and oxygen react in a stoichiometric mix, so by upping the fuel there is more chance of all the oxygen...
  37. M

    Dissociation energy for the NO molecule

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can find post-hartree-fock calculation benchmarks for dissociation energy of the NO molecule. Or even just the equilibrium energy of the NO molecule? I am looking for cc-pVTZ basis set results but I can only seem to find augmented basis set results. Thanks.
  38. S

    Dissociation energy of two particles-variables only equation-mastering physics

    Homework Statement The potential energy of two atoms in a diatomic molecule is approximated by U(r)= ar^{-12} - βr^{-6}, where is the spacing between atoms and α and β are positive constants. From earlier parts of the equation, it has been that determined that force between two atoms as a...
  39. P

    Dissociation energies of: Cr2Cl3 & Cr2O3 Which is higher?

    Hi, I have been searching the net but couldn't find the dissociation energies of Cr2Cl3 & Cr2O3... Just knowing which is higher will suffice too & is there any other molecule with lower dissociation energy which could lead to Cr3+ ? Many thanks in advance.
  40. Q

    Can Temperature Affect the Dissociation of Strong Acids?

    Hi Everyone, I was just wondering if you know of any factors that would affect the dissociation of a strong acid. I know that weak acids are affected by factors such as the common ion effect and temperature, but would this apply to strong acids as well? I only ask because we added...
  41. Q

    What is the relationship between temperature and HOCl dissociation?

    I am investigating the effects of temperature on the dissociation of hypochlorous acid (HOCl), and am largely trying to relate this back to the system's tendency towards a state of minimum free energy. However, I am struggling to put all the information together in a way that makes sense...
  42. A

    Dissociation constant of weak acid

    I'm preparing for a chemistry lab relating to "Determination of the dissociation constant of a eak acid". In part of the lab, I will b doing the following for measuring "Ka" for ethanoic acid using the indicator method: 1- Mix ethanoic acid (0.02M, 5cm3) and sodium ethanoate (0.02M, 5cm3)...
  43. P

    Complete Dissociation: Understand Strong Acids & Bases

    This is probably an easy question, but I can't get it straight and searching has not helped. So when salts go into solution they completely dissociate if they contain anions of strong acids or cations of strong bases, right? I'm still shaky on this concept though. Take Sodium carbonate for...
  44. K

    Water Dissociation: H+ & OH- Ions Upon Ionic Compound Addition

    Pure water is made up of water molecules, no free moving ions. However, if you add an ionic compound, say copper sulfate into water, Cu2+ and SO42- will be produced, so will H+ and OH- ions. Why will water molecules dissociate into hydrogen and hydroxide ions when an ionic compound is added...
  45. D

    Dissociation of HCl in Ethanol: Factors Affecting Ability

    In a textbook, HCl is said to remain as molecules in liquid ethanol. However, I still wonder whether HCl dissociates in ethanol to give H+ and Cl- ions. I think that as ethanol contains an OH group which is polar, ethanol molecules are capable of breaking the bond H-Cl in a manner similar to...
  46. S

    Effect of dissociation energy on plasma ions behavior

    Hi, Suppose there are two plasma cases, conditions are the same, except for the gases present: a-Oxygen b-Nitrogen Since the dissociation energy of nitrogen is higher than oxygen, what could be concluded from it? Could it be more energetic nitrogen ions than oxygen ions (because initially...
  47. L

    Dissociation of Acids & Bases into Ions

    why do acids and bases dissociate into ions while in water?
  48. I

    Finding Dissociation energy , path of the particle involved

    Homework Statement Beam of excited H2 molecules travels in z direction, kinetic energy 1 eV.Then they decay & dissociate into 2 H-atoms.When one of the H atom has its final velocity perpendicular to z axis, its kinetic energy is always 0.8eV. Then what is the energy released in dissociative...
  49. W

    Determine the dissociation energy with an electron beam

    Hi! If you use an electron beam on hydrogen gas and when the energy of the beam is 22 eV H+ start to appear, how can you calculate the dissociation energy of H2 using that information? I've tried: 22 eV = D + "ionization energy of a H atom" etc, but couldn't make it add up. I would be...
  50. Z

    What is the degree of dissociation?

    Homework Statement At 627 C and 1 atm pressure, SO3 partially dissociated into SO2 and O2 by SO3--->SO2 +1/2O2. The density of equilibrium mixture is 0.925g/L. What is the degree of dissociation? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I found out the average molecular...