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Water Evaporization from standing sinks

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    I'm trying to confirm if the following formula is correct for determining the rate of evaporization in lbs/hr from standing water in a sink.

    Formula W=[A+(B)(V)](PA-PA)/Wv where

    W= Water evaporization rate, (lbs/hr) per sq. ft. of water surface area
    A= Constant 68, B= Constant 32
    V= Velocity over water surface, miles/hr
    Pw= Vapor pressure of water at the water temperature, inches of Hg.
    Pa= Vapor pressure of water at the air dewpoint temperature, inches of Hg
    Hv= Heat of vaporization of water at the water temperature, Btu/lb

    I came across this formula on a spread sheet that was used for another project but I can not find anything to confirm if it is correct. Also, I'm not sure what the constants are based on.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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