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Water flow and pressure to fly

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    Hi guys. I'll start out by admitting that I know very little about fluid dynamics, physics, etc. I've been searching the forums and a bit surprised that this particular topic hasn't come up (unless I just missed it). Has anyone here seen this? Would anyone mind pointing me in the right direction to calculate the volume (and pressure?) of water necessary to make it happen?

    Any help would be appreciated. I am going to build one in my garage.

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    Simple thrust equation.

    Thrust = mass flow * velocity of exit.

    So lets say you are 70 kg. Thats 686N needed to lift you. You have a pipe that can flow 10kg/s of water. 686/10=68.6m/s flow.

    Or you could have 20kg/s at 34.3m/s etc etc.

    Question is just speccing a pump and tubing that will allow you to do this. You'll also want something flexible to allow you to vector the thust.
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