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Water vapor below 100 degrees?

  1. Jul 17, 2014 #1
    hi all
    My question is: In a pressurized (close to 1.1 atm; B.P. 109 degrees), closed system of water mixed (in a ratio of 1000 lts to 20lts) with Boron Nitrite (yes I am talking about cooling water system for automobiles) where the temp of the mixture does not exceed 96 degrees Celsius; will the water turn into gaseous vapor? If so why? please explain
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    That depends entirely on whether there is any headspace in the closed system or not. If there is, some quantity of the water will turn to vapor until the vapor pressure in the headspace is at the equilibrium vapor pressure. If there is no headspace (the system is filled to the brim with liquid and then sealed), I would not expect there to be any water vapor at all.
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    If you are talking about heat exchangers then yes you could have nucleate boiling.
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    hey cjl; thnx for the reply,
    yes there is headspace, though the system is pressurised, there are voids (unavoidable), and room for collecting gases in the system and sent to expansion tanks. Kindly give me a reference where i can read about this vapor pressure and the equilibrium at depth.
    thnx again.
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