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Weak in Circuit Analysis what to do?

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    Hey, I've found circuit analysis super difficult all my life. Just not one of my things I was born to do. However, now I am doing electronics engineering so that topic often in lectures. In class we have to do analysis of complex transistor cirucuit analysis using 2 port network and norton thevinin. And I am not efficient enough to solve the problem quickly. Can any super awesome super geeky guy please tell me how to get better at circuit analysis and electricity and magnetism. It happens to be one topic that I've always been weak at!! right from class 8. It's not that I don't know the concept. I know the concept but I get confused and get stuck.
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    Practice Practice Practice. IMHO in all of my circuit class there was not one student who just coasted and got by on just intellect. Circuits is not like Calculus or Physics for that matter. I'm not saying it is harder its just a different method of problem solving. Technique is key. Solving circuits problems is about skill not talent the more problems you do the better you become.
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    This is good advice. Solve as many circuit problems as you can. Don't let a circuit pass your eyes without at least trying to get a grasp on how it works. Good luck!
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    Step-by-step, you must understand each concept: physically, mathematically, and intuitively!

    When working with students I have found that errors and misunderstandings were different for each one - there are some patterns, but everybody is different. But to move from one topic to the next you need to be clear about all of the foundations.

    So follow the good advice given above: practice! Practice! Practice!
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    On practice: As an ME learning EE, I'm wondering if there is a textbook (or web page, etc) that has a large number of example problems with solutions. For example, mechanics people can look at the Hibbler books and corresponding solutions for hundreds of mechanics problems. If someone has a good reference in mind, a reference is appreciated.
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    Go buy a Schaum's outline book on network (or circuit) theory and work all the problems.
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