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Aerospace Weapons Developer w/ Aerospace Engineering Degree

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    I'm starting my first year this fall so I wanted to find out all my paths with this degree. I will be attending Carleton Uni.

    Will I be able to develop weapons with a degree in aerospace engineering? I'm thinking things like missiles, rockets, RPG's, etc. What other degree should I go for that might complement my aerospace degree in the field of weapons development?

    Keep in mind, right now I'm open to any weapon field
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    Modern weapons need all sorts of engineering input to get properly designed.

    Chemical engineering for the explosives
    Electrical engineering for the guidance systems
    Mechanical engineering for the housings and structures
    Aerospace engineering for the aerodynamics and propulsion
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    Thanks for the input. I'm going into Aerospace Eng this fall so I was thinking about what other degrees I might want to look into as well
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    If you go aerospace, go areospace and mechanical if possible. All the good stuff is mechanical. Unless you LOVE CFD
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