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What are the career prospects for physicists?

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    If I were to be considering a career being a scientist (e.g. physicist), what would the career prospects be? Are there many jobs where you earn a sufficient amount of money to live on? And most important of all, I have heard there is very little job security, so people become employed quickly and most jobs are temporary with very few being permanent- is this true? I was considering becoming a physicist but would like a permanent job, with an adequate salary (approx. £40000 or over after several years of experience) and one that is stable so I do not become unemployed constantly.
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    Did you do a search of this forum? I see several threads on exactly this subject. If there is some reason they aren't addressing your question, it would be helpful to bring that reason forward.
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    I checked several threads out. In some threads, questions relating to career prospects as a physicist were asked but not all of them were answered and in some threads, it was about career prospects in the US, rather than the UK where I live. But please, if you can find other threads which are relevant and answer my questions, please post it here. :smile:
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    Thanks :)
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