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What are the following schools known for

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    (The way that Pepperdine is known for buisiness): Harvard, Oxford, Yale,
    Berkley, Standford, Princeton ?
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    My Impressions:

    Harvard: Law
    Yale: Politics
    Stanford: ???
    Oxford: ???
    Princeton: Mathematics
    Berkley: ???

    Of course, I'm in no position to judge accurately.

    Why are you asking?
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    My perceptions (heavily influenced by popular culture):

    Harvard: Law, Medicine, Will Hunting types.
    Oxford: Philosophy.
    Yale: Law, Politics, Mr. Burns.
    Berkeley: Physics, Hippies.
    Stanford: Computer Science, Mathematics.
    Princeton: Physics, Snobbery.
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    Those are all very major research universities. Not one of them is known only for a single thing. For instance, four of Princeton's graduate programs are currently ranked #1 in the country (mathematics, economics, history, political science).
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