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What are the problems of aquatic ape theory?

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    From what I understand the mainstream science does not consider the AAT to be valid mostly because of lack of evidence. But has the AAT been disproved? I mean it seems to be quite easy. For example:
    The theory requires our ancestors to be near water. Therefore if we found fossils of several transitional species from that time that are far enough from any body of water it would be quite conclusive proof.
    The AAT doesn't seem to be typical pseudoscience, and it looks like it provides a lot of testable claims.
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    AAT is not a peer-reviewed theory and does not have any evidence to support it. As such it is outside of this website's remit to teach and discuss mainstream science. The reception section of the wiki article you link to has plenty of references that you can use to research further.

    EDIT: this link contains a lot of good info http://www.aquaticape.org/
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