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What are the specializations in physics?

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    What are the specializations in physics that I can choose in graduate school? Aside from Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics, Particle Physics, Medical Physics... What else?
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    Experimental condensed matter / solid-state physics - such as semiconductor physics, or optics / laser physics. I have been working with manufacturing superconducting thin films via laser ablation.

    On principle you should know your relevant theory as an experimentalist but picking an applied field you will not really "do" much theory. I spent the years of of my PhD in the lab, tinkering with devices, repairing stuff, working with the guys in the workshop to have my apparatuses built etc.

    The computer-related part of my work was not "computational" but related to writing programs that controls sensors and the like.
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    What I want to pursue is a balance mixture of theory and experimentation, which I think particle physics suits that well.
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    Please look at the various Divisions under the APS. This loosely corresponds to the various areas of physics that one can specialize in.


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    Don't forget the most fascinating subfield of all... geophysics! :D
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