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What are these rocks worths? Pictures inside.

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    I know a gentleman who wants to clear up his collection. 90% of these are handpicked, including the 150 lb amethyst in the last picture in post #3.

    Is there a market for this?






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    Nice rock collection. You need to show size for those that don't have a reference, like the boot. You could go to a website that sells these and see what they're asking.
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    Hi Evo

    Prices are all over the place on the bay. I'm browsing the mineral/rock forums. Couldn't resist posting here!

    I usually have a hard time mustering enthusiasm for art, but I can't help but to feel drawn to your avatar. Who is she?
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    Most rock collectors will tell you - They're worth what someone will pay for them.

    pics in 2nd post appear to be most valuable. Is that native copper? picture jasper?

    amethyst and vanidite vary wildly in value according to crystal size, clarity, color, location etc.

    most of the agate and geodes will have modest value
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    Yes on the native copper. There are several boxes full of golf ball sized pieces in the basement, but the one in the picture is the largest specimen.
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