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What are these thingies on suspension bridge cables?

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    Since I know there are a lot of engineer-types in these parts, maybe someone knows what these things are.


    Ther's a thing clamped high up on to the cable on the right, and every other cable on the bridge but I can't for the life of me work out what they are there for. any insight?
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    I haven't taken any engineering courses in my studies yet, but my guess is some sort of balance or stabilization mechanism? I'd imagine the cables could get pretty shifty in heavy winds, waves, etc. I'd guess that those "things" can be adjusted to take the wobble out of the cables?

    Again, I'm no engineer; just throwin' it out there.
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    Those are Stockbridge dampers, a type of tuned mass damper. They're used to suppress vibrations in the cable and thus prevent structural damage and fatigue in the bridge. They're also used on some power lines and other cable-based structures.
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    What's that red shadow for? A truck? Anyways, cool pic!

    Oh for that thingy, I don't know but my guess would be to absorb vibrations caused by Earthquakes, if any by contacting those cables to a free ended solid material!

    P.S. you beat me Vasara, damn it! I'm slow :grumpy:
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    Wonderful, thanks!
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    Another great picture matthyaouw!
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    Those are nice marbles, we put on bridges to make them look neat :tongue2:
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    Love the photo, and I got to learn something new. Now how can I work "Stockbridge dampers" into a conversation?
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    Agreed :biggrin:, I wouldn't bring them up in conversation though, it wont resonate well.
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    bahaha, that made me giggle. :rofl:
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    Very interesting:

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    :rofl: GROAN! (I've never been able to resist laughing at groaners. ...and since I've seen Danger back around...not THAT kind of groaner. :grumpy:)
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    Sorry, I didn't mean to string you all along.
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    Looks like matthyaouw is going to keep us in suspense.
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    Did I hear my name taken in vain?

    That was horribly good. It will echo in my mind for years...
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    Wow, I learn something new every day(no surprise)
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    Yeah Drizzle, it's a truck. Sorry to keep you hanging around!
    I feel bad that's the best I could come up with...

    Glad people like the photo :smile:
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    Last time I went, I walked the length of it. It was a windy day and you could see the expansion joints taking out a couple of inches every few seconds.

    It's been my profile picture for ages!
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    I love standing with one foot either side of the joint. It's a really unusual feeling :biggrin:
    Magnificent piece of construction it is. Seeing it so often there's times I hardly notice it but every now and then I just think 'holy crap, that's amazing'
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